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The web is pretty complicated. We make it easier.

Cornucopic is an independent technical agency, specialising in development, strategy, and product management for the modern web. We’ve been living, breathing, and thinking all things “tech” for a long time — we have decades of experience supplying innovative solutions across a number of different sectors.

We’ve worked with some big names like American Express, Sony, and Waitrose, but we also love working with startups and scale-ups too.

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What we do.

Full stack development

At our core, we are a technical development agency.

We work across the entire web stack, but we have particular expertise with React, Ruby on Rails, Node, and AWS.

We can deliver complete solutions, augment your existing team, or even help rescue a project that’s gone wayward.

Product strategy

We can work with you to deliver a lean, capital-conservant product strategy that has its roots in customer insight.

Our aim is to de-risk your product development efforts and increase your “hit rate” of successful launches.

Product delivery

We can help to deliver best-in-class product experiences to your users.

Our in-house resources will get you over the line with thoughtful, user-centric design and UI/UX.

Technical consultancy

Let’s make those difficult technical decisions together.

Whether you need help evaluating one language or framework against another or you are trying to rationalise costs against potential delivery timelines, we have the experience to help.

We can work from a loose specification and help you assess technical feasibility, or we can work together to build a detailed technical specification for your project.


The web moves at a fast pace and it’s easy to get left behind.

We can offer internal training for your development team, or very high-level training for a client-focused team who wish to know a little more about the technical side of things. A few topics we’ve helped clients with recently include:

  • An overview of the full web stack, from HTTP to HTML
  • Building modern JavaScript web applications
  • Getting started with version control and Git

Technical interviewing

Finding the right candidate can be hard.

We have many years of experience in performing technical interviews and asking the hard questions which will help differentiate a candidate with a strong profile and a winning smile from a solid developer who will quickly become a valued member of your team.

We can conduct remote interview screening and can supply and evaluate sample technical tasks.

Recent projects.

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Meet the team.

Ben Shimmin

Development · Bath, UK

Ben wrote his first program on a BBC Master. He’s written quite a few since.

Ben has led successful software projects for American Express, Sainsbury’s, Sony, Waitrose, and a variety of other household names, whilst also building, architecting, and investing in a whole host of startups in the UK and the US.

He lives in Somerset with his family.

Mike Mayers

Product · New York, NY

Mike did the whole “army followed by investment banking” thing before embarking on a career in product management and leadership — spearheading large projects with American Express and specialty insurance broker Argo until he satisfied his own startup itch. Mike can talk equally confidently about UI/UX and EBITDA.

Mike lives in Hoboken with his wife, daughters, and a burgeoning firearm collection.

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